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Meet The Owner

Hello and welcome! Built on quality and commitment, The Burning Wic is a veteran-owned business, both owned and solely operated by me, Crystal Randolph. I served six years in the United States Air Force and continue to serve and support the mission as a federal employee.  I am also a mother of two and military spouse and have found that running a business, while working a 9 to 5, is both challenging and rewarding. My journey into the candle making industry began years ago as a hobby and blossomed into a successful business in March 2018. I love making candles as much as I enjoy burning them.
Being a huge candle lover and advocate of living green, I decided to do away with my excessive use of Paraffin (petroleum-based) wax and find a healthier alternative to burning candles. My candles are hand-poured with all natural, plant-based (soy) wax, cotton (lead-free) wicks and Phthalate-free fragrance oils to create an eco-friendly and sustainable burn.  As a business owner, I'm an advocate for variety; therefore, I offer a number of ways to appreciate my products.
Whether it's with a candle, wax melt or scented aroma beads, I guarantee you'll be delighted. I gladly welcome customer feedback because it only enhances customer satisfaction and the quality of service assumed by you.